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How i ended up a coach, a consultant, and a teacher

Like nearly EVERY fundraiser I know, I didn’t dream of doing nonprofit work when I was a little girl. I didn’t know fundraising even existed as a career back then. But like most nonprofit leaders, I caught the bug for doing good work for good causes, and I’ll never look back.

I have a background in communication and change management. I started out my professional career in management consulting, learning the ins and outs of business and strategic execution. At that time, I wanted to pursue an MBA… so I started working in development for a business school. It was meant to be a temporary means to an end, but something magical happened. I fell in love with nonprofit work and fundraising.

Fast forward nearly a decade - I never got that MBA ( spoiler: I got a PHD in organizational development and change), and I instead found a calling that aligned with my skills, talents, and heart for helping others. I love working with worthy causes, and I love helping nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and board members unleash their own passion and purpose to make a difference in the world.

Because I walk the talk, I also still do quite a bit of fundraising and leading on nonprofit boards in my own community.

My most audacious dream is to be able to share the experience, knowledge, thinking, and love I have with other nonprofit leaders and fundraisers so that I can multiply my impact and do my part to make this world a better place.

I want to help YOU step into the fullest expression of your talents and gifts to make awesome, radical, important changes in your life and your nonprofit work.

fundraisers are made, not born… it’s true for me too.

I am not a “natural-born salesperson” who can sell anything and everything or a person who relishes in working the room at social events and galas.

Truth be told, I’m rather introverted, bookish, and prefer to have one-on-one conversations over large group situations. I do enjoy a great social event or gala… and then I absolutely must have some alone time to rest and recharge my spirit.

I work with clients who are like me and those who are the opposite. We all have a place in nonprofit work and a special contribution to make.

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