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Welcome to Fundraise Higher

I help nonprofit leaders elevate their fundraising, ask with more joy, and build cultures of philanthropy on their boards and in their teams.


Most nonprofit leaders and fundraisers devote their careers to good causes because they believe in the mission and making a difference.

A few years later - maybe more, maybe less - many burn out because they find themselves overworked, underresourced, and emotionally worn thin by the seemingly endless demands of their nonprofit organizations.

Truth: The demands don’t change. You do.

  • You have what it takes to think and act like a multi-million-dollar fundraiser.

  • You can motivate and inspire your team to achieve the phenomenal results you need them to.

  • You can access tried-and-true strategies for turning board and volunteers into powerhouses of philanthropy.

How do I know? Because I’ve been where you are.

When I started my journey in nonprofit work, I had no idea how to ask for donations or how to manage a team. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a pledge and a prospect. All I knew was that I wanted to do something good with my life.

A decade later, I’ve learned, experimented, trained, and found success strategies that help leaders like you get better results and find greater purpose to persevere.

My programs include mindsets, skillset, and toolsets that have helped me:

  • Raise more than $12M in charitable donations.

  • Start a nonprofit memorial organization.

  • Lead programs, colleges, and teams of professional fundraisers.

  • Chair fundraising committees and run two development boards.

Is it time to refill your own well of leadership?

Recharge your fundraising?

Reignite your passion and purpose?

Get ready to #fundraisehigher for a good cause.


Are you ready to transform yourself and your nonprofit work to unlock your unique gifts and potential?

Do you dream of making a bigger impact and creating more value than you are right now?

Is your nonprofit or foundation missing opportunities and support that will help you make a difference?

Then let’s explore how to launch your fundraising and leadership to the next level!

Why continue to struggle on your own or try the same tactics over and over again? I’ve been there, done that, and figured out how to get larger, more transformational gifts and do it faster and with more passion and purpose. I’ll share with you my proven system and tools so that you can make a difference NOW and give you feedback, coaching, and guidance along the way.


Ways to Collaborate:

I work with leaders, boards, and individuals in three major ways:


    Are you working on a big goal? Don't know where to go from here? Or coming across a roadblock that you could use some strategy and coaching around? I'm here for you. My coaching packages are designed to get you results FAST and focus on your unique situation.


    Sometimes, you've got the heart and the passion to make a HUGE difference in the world... you just lack the knowledge of what to do or where to start. You've probably Googled a bunch of questions and are getting conflicting information - or worse - no information at all. Let's talk. I can work with you to start a non-profit, launch a campaign, create a charitable event, or whatever other service project is on your heart and mind.


    Ever heard a phrase like, natural born salesperson or fundraisers are born, not made? I totally, completely, 100% DISAGREE (and have done the research to show it)... fundraising is a skill and a set of capabilities. And guess what? Anyone can learn them and become an excellent fundraiser.


Client Reviews

Jessica brings the creativity and experience necessary to take your fundraising efforts to the next level. She is very accommodating and makes it easy to collaborate on a plan to reach your goals.
— Keith Franklin, Board President
I have been beyond impressed by Jessica’s fearlessness to get out and help make the nonprofit sector the best it can be with her expertise! She is a true inspiration!
— Fundraising committee Chairperson
Jessica’s training was really helpful. It should be required for all members who are in a fundraising or PR role.
— Volunteer, women's organization